Sunday, May 18, 2008

Magneto Spin-off movie of the X-Men in 2009

Magneto and his famous helmet.Marvel wants to compound the succes of the X-Men movie series. Besides Wolverine whose movie is currently under production, the mutant juggernaut Magneto will also have his own feature film indeed. The Magneto film would actually be a prequel to the X-Men series:it would be a first look at the early life of Eric Lensherr and how he became Magneto.

The screenplay of Magneto has already been written by scriptwriter Sheldon Turner. And Direct David S. Goyer has been chosen for the movie.

The Movie production should as soon as the Wolverine movie is advanced enough to dedicate the energy to Magneto.

The plot of the Magneto movie:

A look at the early life of Eric Lensherr and his friendship with Charles Xavier, and how the one-time allies became mortal enemies, leading Eric Lensherr to become the juggernaut Magneto.

So Ian McKellen, the old Magneto in the X-Men movies, is unlikely to have the lead role: the movie will indeed focus on the life of the young Magneto. He may have some scenes though.

By the way there is a rumor on the web about a possible appearance of the Beast in the plot of Magneto.

Magneto is my favorite villain from Marvel's universe. Actually I don't consider him to be a villain at all: he is just a ├╝ber-man with ideals. I have to admit though he is a bit crazy in his recurrent attempts at exterminating Mankind. But the guy is much more down to earth than Charles Xavier (who gets on my nerve, behaving like a sheep): Magneto is a hero with many facets! We'll have the occasion to discover them further. Stay tuned for the trailer of Magneto.


Anonymous said...

dont think beast should be in it. nightcrawler sounds like a better choice since both characters are from germany

tigerhawk said...

I will not go see the Magneto movie if they pick Ian McKellan. I'm sorry but we need a new look on Magneto not tired old and fragile. He's supposed to be the strongest of the mutants. He dos'ent look frail in the comics and that should translate to the movie.